Physics Resources

Report Card Standards

  • Explains motion in terms of position, direction, and speed (T2)

  • Graphs and interprets distance vs time (T2)

  • Describes types of energy and energy transformations (T3)

  • Relates heat transfer to particle motion (T3)

Quick Links...

Physics Project Pages
Energy Transformations
Sports Physics
Heat and Thermal Energy
Renewable Energy
Going Green
Energy Science Fair Projects

Physics Project Pages

Six Flags Roller Coaster Design Project
This page has information on roller coaster motion, energy transformations, engineering, statistics, and online simulators.

Renewable Energy Project (coming soon)


Motion Google Docs

Mr. M's YouTube "Motion" Playlist

Physics4Kids - Motion
This website has excellent information for all of the concepts we'll discuss including motion, forces, speed, velocity, acceleration, potential/kinetic energy and heat/thermal energy.

Frame of Reference
Uses the example of a train at a train station to explain how motion all depends on the frame of reference that is used.

"Relative Motion Gun" Video
This video demonstrates that even though a ball is shot up, it is still moving forward at the same speed as the cart.

Moving Man Simulation
This simulation can be downloaded or run online. It allows you to see how position (distance), velocity, and acceleration change as a person moves.

Speed of Animals


Energy Transformations

Energy Transformations Google Docs

Mr. M's YouTube "Energy" Playlist

Energy Kids Page
Great overview of all things ENERGY

"Potential and Kinetic Energy" BrainPop Movies

Roller Coaster Energy Transformations
This page does an great job showing the transformation between KE and GPE on a roller coaster.

Conservation of Energy Simulations

Rhinoceros Energy Transformation
Watch a rhino's GPE turn into KE as it leaps off a building.


Sports Physics

Sport Science
Learn the science behind hockey, skateboarding, baseball and more!

Energy in Sports

Science of NFL Football
There are a bunch of videos here. I recommend the video on position, velocity, and acceleration.

Science of the Olympic Winter Games

The Physics of Hockey


Heat and Thermal Energy

Heat Transfer Google Docs

Bill Nye "Heat" Video Clip

Heat Transfer Prezi
Discusses thermal energy, temperature and the three methods of heat. This is the prezi we saw in class.

Physics4Kids - Heat and Thermal Energy

Heat, Thermal Energy, and Temperature
GREAT website that clearly explains the relationships between these terms. It also

Intro to Heat Transfer
Has pretty decent animations for conduction, convection, and radiation

Another Good Intro to Heat Transfer

Conduction, Convection, and Radiation RAP!

Snowman Goes to the Desert
Watch what happens when two men use technology developed by Panasonic to transport a snowman to the desert.


Renewable Energy

Energy Kids

US Department of Energy
Information and project ideas for many types of renewable energy and energy conservation.

NREL in My Backyard
Online tool that estimates how much electricity can ge generated through wind or solar power for any location (including your backyard) in the US

Renewable Energy Project Plans
Great ideas for energy-focused engineering projects including wind turbines, solar ovens, and hydro generators.


Wind Energy (Wind Turbines)

Learn About Wind Energy

Cape Wind
(Wind mill farm being created off of Cape Cod)

FAQs about Wind Energy (pdf)


Geothermal Energy

Drilling Into a Hot Volcano


"Going Green"

Local Efforts in Shrewsbury

SELCO Go Green!

Oak Middle School Solar Project

SELCO Green Light Renewable Power


Energy Science Fair Projects

Energy Quest Science Projects

Eco Ideas
Very cool site that has lots of eco-themed engineering ideas

Energy Kids Science Fair

KidWind Science Fair Ideas