Chemistry Resources

Report Card Standards

  • Understands the properties of matter (T1)

  • Relates atoms and molecules to elements and compounds (T1)

  • Differentiates between physical and chemical changes (T2)

Quick Links...

Properties of Matter
Atomic Scale and Structure
Elements and Compounds
Online Periodic Tables
Physical and Chemical Changes

Properties of Matter

Google Docs Handouts

Interactives: Metric Conversions

Chem4Kids - Matter

States of Matter Simulation

Density Simulation

Explanation of the FIVE States of Matter

"Measuring Matter" BrainPop Movie

Mass, Weight, and Gravity

Weight Calculator for Different Planets

Galileo Drops the Ball


Atomic Scale and Structure

"Power of 10" Animation

Simpsons "Power of 10" Intro

Nikon Universcale
From the nanoworld to the universe!

Atomic Structure Presentation

Chem4Kids - Atoms

Atom Builder

Build an Atom" Simulation
(You will need to click on the link for it!)


CERN - The Large Hadron Collider (advanced!)
Read about the technology behind recreating the Big Bang!

The Particle Adventure (advanced!)

"Isotopes" BrainPop Movie

Elements and Compounds

Google Docs Handouts

Elements and Compounds Presentation

Chem4Kids - Periodic Table of the Elements

Interactives: Periodic Table
This site covers everything from atomic structure to isotopes to the periodic table. Excellent site with lots of great info!

Atoms, Elements,  and Periodic Table Lessons
(Lessons 4 & 5)

"The Elements" Song Flash Animation

"Meet the Elements" Song (They Might Be Giants)
I found this on iTunes. It looks as if the band has a whole CD of science songs!

Element Hangman


Online Periodic Tables

Periodic Table of Videos (very cool!)

Web Elements


Los Alamos Periodic Table
Visual Elements

Chemical Comics

Periodic Table of Comic Books



Google Docs Handouts

Chem4Kids - Mixture Basics

Classification of Matter

Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

Compounds and Mixtures
"Pages" 7-8 do a good job explaining the differences between compounds and mixtures.

Processes for Separating Mixtures
This is a Wikipedia article that lists MANY different processes used to separate components of a mixture. You can click on each process to learn more information about it.


Physical and Chemical Changes

Google Docs Handouts

Chem4Kids - Matter
This site has a lot of great information on states of matter, phase changes, and physical/chemical changes. There are additional topics on the right side of the page you can explore.

Chemistry Review: States of Matter
This is the "slideshow" we watched in class that had the animation of water molecules as it changed from a solid to a liquid to a gas.

States of Matter and Phase Changes

Chemical and Physical Changes

A Closer Look at Physical and Chemical Changes

Khan Academy - Balancing Chemical Equations
Good explanation, but the video gets a little advanced

It's Elemental - Balancing Act
Practice problems for balancing chemical equations

Equation Balancing
More practice problems