Academic Help

Study Strategies

College Student Study Tips
This site was shared with us by Jean Massieu Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas.  It has a number of very good links...

Study Skills Self-Help
From Virginia Tech, excellent strategies and checklists

How to Study
A great site for students, with many tips on keeping on top of information

Study Tips
From a "teen who's been there" - some great advice

Study Habits & Test Anxiety
Some good tips on your study area, and a checklist

Study Skills's collections of ideas, tips, and strategies for studying and test taking

Successful Note Taking

Note Taking and In-class Skills
From Virginia Tech, how to be focused and attentive

Taking Notes
From, a great collection of tips to help you get organized

Note Taking Techniques
Advice from college students on how to take notes

How to Study
A good, easy to follow sheet that gives tips on good note taking in class

Homework Tips

How to Win the Homework Wars
Great list of steps to take to help your child be successful

Positive Parenting
How to help your child with her / his homework

Homework Strategies for Parents
Set up as a "When the student..." "Then the parent..." format

Avoiding the Back to School Homework Blues
Some great suggestions for dealing with common problems

Some interesting articles - take some with a grain of salt - with a wide range of suggestions

Education Articles
Aimed at the parent and teacher, some great, detailed articles on how to help kids be successful

LD Association of Texas
Homework tips for students, teachers, and parents - focusing on the LD student.

Berkeley Parents' Network
Some interesting discussions about homework issues

Successful Reading Tips

Reading Better and Faster
Tips from Glendale Community College

When Reading is Rough
A guide to helping your child read, from

Tips for Tutoring your Teen in Reading
From Suite101... some solid suggestions

Speed Reading tips
Some suggestions for improving your speed, without losing comprehension

Long Term Planning and Organization

An article on how to help your child plan long-term assignments

Mission: Organization
How to help your child become organized and plan out assignments

How to motivate your teen to get organized

Ask the Organizer
How to help your teen get organized

Let's Get Organized (PDF)
Has some good tips for helping out your teen

Google Calendar
A FREE online calendar for long-term planning! (requires a free Google account)

Learning Disabilities

General Resources

Learning Disabilities Worldwide
A wide-ranging site focusing on a variety of LD issues.
"A parents' guide to helping kids with learning difficulties."

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Many, many resources
Well organized, with a lot of information


A support group for children and adults with ADD/ADHD
Resources for teens with ADD / ADHD

Information on ADD and ADHD - for teens and parents

ADHD Homework Help
Solid strategies for helping the ADHD student plan and complete work


International Dyslexia Organization
Frequently asked questions about dyslexia

Kids Health
An article describing what dyslexia is, and how the dyslexic perceives things.

Dyslexia Teacher
Resources regarding how to help people with dyslexia

Adolescent Issues

For Students

OMS Counselors Student Links

Teenagers Want to Know:
A solid site out of England, covering a wide range of issues, organized by topic.  From body image to peer pressure, to just looking for a job, this site covers it all...

Teen Help
An organization where teens can find help and advice

Teen Central
An anonymous support site - you can create a login, then access a variety of topics
A site designed for both teens and their families - well organized

Teenline Online
A help line by teens and for teens - need someone to listen?  This place may help

Teen voices, and a teen forum - discussions on a number of topics
A non-profit site run by volunteer teens, designed to help other teens

Healthy Dating: Health Class Survival Guide
A great list of resources on everything from general health to first aid to drugs and alcohol.

It's My Life
By PBS, a site where kids can share thoughts and learn about important issues

School and Jobs
From Teen Health, advice on many topics from dealing with teachers to studying

Medline Plus Teens' Page
Another good advice page, covering many aspects of teen life

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention
A hotline website for teens. 

For Parents

OMS Counselors Parent Links

Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services

Parenting Teens
A site dedicated to helping parents cope with - and help - their teenagers!

For Troubled Teens
Lots of information about how to tell and what to do if your child is having trouble

Troubled Teen 101
A resource for parents, in coping with - and addressing some important issues

Teen Help
Support for families with teen challenges

Help with Bullying
A help site for people who are suffering from bullying

Stop Bullying Now!
A national organization dedicated to just that.  Aimed at adults and professionals who work with kids

Love our Children
A good article about bullying and what each of us can do to stop and prevent it