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Feudalism Links

Post Carolignian European Order: Great overview / handout from Indiana University.  Start Here!

Britain Express: A good basic overview of the system.

End of Europe's Middle Ages: GREAT information beneath the glossary.

Feudal System, an Overview: An in-depth, advanced article with excellent info.

Mr. Dowling's feudalism Page: Nice, easy-to-follow overview.

Fact Monster: Another site with some good basics.

Art History Club - they have a good article about how feudalism works, and then details about it in 12th C England.

The Middle Ages: Feudal Life Sections on daily life, and an overview.

The Rise of Feudalism: A more advanced lecture, detailing feudalism's roots and the ideas of homage and fealty

Feudalism and Manorialism: A semi-advanced book excerpt that gives a solid history of the system..

Feudalism vs Manorialism: A downloadable .pdf file, this is a solid article.

Feudalism and Knights: This helps explain how feudalism supports a military.

William and Norman Feudalism

The Battle of Hastings:1066 - Great interactive timeline on the battle and its impacts.

Time's Medieval Episodes has some terrific information on Anglo Saxons right through to William - worth a look!

The Norman Conquest - the Impact: A short article explaining the invasion's impacts.

The has a solid article about William, why he came to UK, and the invasion as a whole...

The Orb also has this tutorial on the conquest - some very good info - note that each response has its own author!

English Monarchs gives some good information on William and the Battle of Hastings...

BBC's Interactive Timeline: This tracks all of British history - focus on Hastings and beyond... the ancient section is good for Anglo Saxons...

Norman Social Organization: This article shows how William maintained control through the feudal heirarchy.

English History: Norman Feudalism A semi-advanced article from Britannica, 1911.  Head to page 475.

Feudalism and the Monarchy: From a college class, a great overview of the Norman system.

William the Conqueror: A googlebook, this is an advanced, in-depth analysis.

Conquest and Resistance details some of the problems William encountered after Hastings.

History 151 Course Handouts: From the University of Hawaii, these are EXCELLENT resources!.

Norman Domesday Book

Octavia Net: A good overview of the book.

The Domesday Book Online: England's official site for the book - a great resource.

British National Archives: Another solid site from the British government.

History Learningsite: A decent introductory article.

Norman Impact on English Language

William's effects on English: From Everything2, a couple good entries

Anglo-Norman Language - This Wiki article is a bit advanced, but details the history of our language and its use.

The effect of 1066 on the English language: Solid, somewhat advanced article about how our language changed.

The Roots of English: A game by the BBC, that shows where words come from.

Village Roles: Bakers and Brewers

Bread and Beer: From Aberdeen, a good overview of the roles in their town

The Flower of Wheat: An excellent article on the importance of bread.

Brick and Hearth Ovens: Some very good sites on the baker's main tool.

Medieval Food: Another good article that shows the importance of bread.

Bread and Butter in the Medieval Household: Lots of info on bakers and types of bread.

Bread FAQ: Some good basics, in a Q and A format.

European Cooking from Rome to Renaissance: Lots of info the manor kitchen.

Baking Process During the 1840s: Scroll down for details on Medieval bread making.

Recreating Medieval English Ales: Very detailed and informative.

Ales and Beers: A discussion thread and documented commentary

Early Medieval Brewing: How-to, plus a good explanation of its importance.

Dietary Requirements of a Medieval Peasant: Interesting read - shows how much a peasant would need to eat for his work...

Food in Medieval Times: Read the chapter on Britain - very informative.

Village Roles: Blacksmiths

The Village Smithy: This Disney short does a nice job showing the smith (note: this is on Youtube).

Medieval Metallurgy This downloadable pdf by a senior at Mass. Math and Sci Academy is very well done - blacksmithing!

Medieval Blacksmiths: A basic overview.

Medieval Iron and Steel: This article explains their importance in the era.

Medieval Blacksmiths at the Prague Castle: This home video shows a blacksmith at work.

Medieval Smith and his Methods: An excellent downloadable pdf.

Don't forget the school databases, and Sweet Search!  Use Sweet  Search if going through our links hasn't given what you need....

Great General Sites

History Learning Site… A ton of links, easy to follow

Medieval Times: Some great basics for kids

Middle Ages for Kids: Tons of links aimed at kids Great feudalism overview

Libguides: The Middle Ages has some great resources - the videos are on youtube and may be blocked at school.

Kidipede: The Middle Ages: An easy to follow encyclopedia for kids

Medieval People: Basic job descriptions

Medieval Glossary Definitions for a number of terms

The Historyguide: Great lectures on feudalism and manors - more advanced

History on the Net: Medieval Life- Overview aimed at students

The Middle Ages – tons of links on a ton of topics

The Magna Carta Presents the history of this important document

Medieval Prices wonder what something cost? Go here...

Weid's Middle Ages LinksCovers many topics - look around

The Manor and Manorialism

Introduction to the Middle Ages: Some good basics, with some comprehension questions.

HistoryWorld: The Manorial System: Solid site, with a lot of information about how the manor supports the military.

Spiritus Temporis: Written at the high school level, this offers an overview and history.

History 151 Course Handouts: From Norton, this is a map of a manor from 1200 CE.

The Medieval Manor: This article from Professor Grempel explains that the manor was the basis for feudalism's economy.

Medieval Economics: Several good articles - the one on feudalism and manorialism is worth reading..

Payment of Merchet: A primary source, with an explanation for this tax.

Medieval Sourcebook: Manor Hall Description Another primary source, describing the hall.

Conisbrough Court Rolls: Life on a specific manor - very good.

AngliaCampus: Great site, from feudalism to specific roles on the manor.

Manor Officials

Steward and Reeve: A very informative primary source

Officers and Servants of the Manor: A very good overview of key jobs.

Rural Society: Set up as a Q and A, this site covers some good information.

What Did Chaucer Know? Scroll down to LANDOWNERS for information on Bailiffs

Medieval Life: Squires, Maidens, and Peasants Some good information on bailiffs and peasants.

Medieval Society and the Manor Court A googlebook, with some in-depth info on the court officers.

Village Roles: Serfs

Village Roles: A very good overview of the heirarchy on the manor.

Medieval Occupations: This site has no credited author, but it gives a decent overview.

Medieval Sourcebook: Alwalton Manor A primary source, with details on what cotters and serfs owned.

Dialogue between Master and Disciple: A primary source, describing the roles of the farmer and shepherd.

Tiscali Encyclopedia: A good definition of "villein." Farm Tools: Easy to read, good overview of tools essential to the serf.

Shepherds Budgets: Many images of the medieval shepherd and his tools.

A Dispute over Corvee In this primary source, a serf complains about unfair treatment

Women's Roles

Dominion and Domination: An excellent site by a femininst medieval scholar!

Medieval Noble Lady and the Peasant Woman: A solid article on their lives.

Medieval Women: An easy-to-follow overview.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Women's History: Aside from the title, this online book has excellent information.

General Conditions During the Dark Ages: An older googlebook (1916), this does have some decent information

Women in the Days of Feudalism: This is from 1896 - don't expect feminist theory, but it has some good stuff.

Medieval Women: An easy-to-follow overview.

Village Roles: Millers and Carpenters

Blood and Sawdust: Contains a good pdf on Medieval carpenter tools

Motive Power: Mills and their impacts.

Classical Milling Illustrations: Excellent details on how the water mill worked. Another great site for seeing how mills worked

The Otterton Mill: A great site maintained by a working mill

Role of Religion

Great Chain of Being: While this focuses on the Renaissance, it gives some very goo information.

Origins of Feudalism: This word doc does a nice job connecting religion and feudalism.

Church and Religion: This site gives a good overview...

The Otterton Mill: A great site maintained by a working mill