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Feudalism Links

Post Carolignian European Order: Great overview / handout from Indiana University.  Start Here!

Britain Express: A good basic overview of the system.

End of Europe's Middle Ages: GREAT information beneath the glossary.

Feudal System, an Overview: An in-depth, advanced article with excellent info.

Mr. Dowling's feudalism Page: Nice, easy-to-follow overview.

Fact Monster: Another site with some good basics.

The Middle Ages: Feudal Life Sections on daily life, and an overview.

The Rise of Feudalism: A more advanced lecture, detailing feudalism's roots and the ideas of homage and fealty

Feudalism and Manorialism: A semi-advanced book excerpt that gives a solid history of the system..

Feudalism vs Manorialism: A downloadable .pdf file, this is a solid article.

Feudalism and Knights: This helps explain how feudalism supports a military.

William and Norman Feudalism

The Battle of Hastings:1066 - Great interactive timeline on the battle and its impacts.

Time's Medieval Episodes has some terrific information on Anglo Saxons right through to William - worth a look!

The Norman Conquest - the Impact: A short article explaining the invasion's impacts.

The has a solid article about William, why he came to UK, and the invasion as a whole...

The Orb also has this tutorial on the conquest - some very good info - note that each response has its own author!

English Monarchs gives some good information on William and the Battle of Hastings...

BBC's Interactive Timeline: This tracks all of British history - focus on Hastings and beyond... the ancient section is good for Anglo Saxons...

Norman Social Organization: This article shows how William maintained control through the feudal heirarchy.

English History: Norman Feudalism A semi-advanced article from Britannica, 1911.  Head to page 475.

Feudalism and the Monarchy: From a college class, a great overview of the Norman system.

William the Conqueror: A googlebook, this is an advanced, in-depth analysis.

Conquest and Resistance details some of the problems William encountered after Hastings.

History 151 Course Handouts: From the University of Hawaii, these are EXCELLENT resources!.

Norman Domesday Book

Octavia Net: A good overview of the book.

The Domesday Book Online: England's official site for the book - a great resource.

British National Archives: Another solid site from the British government.

History Learningsite: A decent introductory article.

Norman Impact on English Language

William's effects on English: From Everything2, a couple good entries

Anglo-Norman Language - This Wiki article is a bit advanced, but details the history of our language and its use.

The effect of 1066 on the English language: Solid, somewhat advanced article about how our language changed.

The Roots of English: A game by the BBC, that shows where words come from.

Village Roles: Bakers and Brewers

Bread and Beer: From Aberdeen, a good overview of the roles in their town

The Flower of Wheat: An excellent article on the importance of bread.

Brick and Hearth Ovens: Some very good sites on the baker's main tool.

Medieval Food: Another good article that shows the importance of bread.

Bread and Butter in the Medieval Household: Lots of info on bakers and types of bread.

European Cooking from Rome to Renaissance: Lots of info the manor kitchen.

Baking Process During the 1840s: Scroll down for details on Medieval bread making.

Recreating Medieval English Ales: Very detailed and informative.

Ales and Beers: A discussion thread and documented commentary

Early Medieval Brewing: How-to, plus a good explanation of its importance.

Dietary Requirements of a Medieval Peasant: Interesting read - shows how much a peasant would need to eat for his work...

Food in Medieval Times: Read the chapter on Britain - very informative.

Village Roles: Blacksmiths

The Village Smithy: This Disney short does a nice job showing the smith (note: this is on Youtube).

Medieval Metallurgy This downloadable pdf by a senior at Mass. Math and Sci Academy is very well done - blacksmithing!

Medieval Blacksmiths: A basic overview.

Medieval Iron and Steel: This article explains their importance in the era.

Medieval Blacksmiths at the Prague Castle: This home video shows a blacksmith at work.

English Medieval Industries: A complete ebook, with information on many of the trades.

Don't forget the school databases, and Sweet Search!  Use Sweet  Search if going through our links hasn't given what you need....

Great General Sites

History Learning Site… A ton of links, easy to follow

Medieval Times: Some great basics for kids

Middle Ages for Kids: Tons of links aimed at kids Great feudalism overview

Libguides: The Middle Ages has some great resources - the videos are on youtube and may be blocked at school.

Kidipede: The Middle Ages: An easy to follow encyclopedia for kids

Medieval People: Basic job descriptions

Medieval Glossary Definitions for a number of terms

History on the Net: Medieval Life- Overview aimed at students

The Middle Ages – tons of links on a ton of topics

The Magna Carta Presents the history of this important document

Medieval Prices wonder what something cost? Go here...

Weid's Middle Ages LinksCovers many topics - look around

The Manor and Manorialism

Introduction to the Middle Ages: Some good basics, with some comprehension questions.

HistoryWorld: The Manorial System: Solid site, with a lot of information about how the manor supports the military.

Spiritus Temporis: Written at the high school level, this offers an overview and history.

History 151 Course Handouts: From Norton, this is a map of a manor from 1200 CE.

Medieval Economics: Several good articles - the one on feudalism and manorialism is worth reading..

Payment of Merchet: A primary source, with an explanation for this tax.

Medieval Manors and Their Records A good overview, with a number of links.

Conisbrough Court Rolls: Life on a specific manor - very good.

AngliaCampus: Great site, from feudalism to specific roles on the manor.

Manor Officials

Steward and Reeve: A very informative primary source

Officers and Servants of the Manor: A very good overview of key jobs.

Rural Society: Set up as a Q and A, this site covers some good information.

What Did Chaucer Know? Scroll down to LANDOWNERS for information on Bailiffs

Medieval Life: Squires, Maidens, and Peasants Some good information on bailiffs and peasants.

Village Roles: Serfs

Village Roles: A very good overview of the heirarchy on the manor.

Medieval Occupations: This site has no credited author, but it gives a decent overview.

Medieval Sourcebook: Alwalton Manor A primary source, with details on what cotters and serfs owned.

Dialogue between Master and Disciple: A primary source, describing the roles of the farmer and shepherd. Farm Tools: Easy to read, good overview of tools essential to the serf.

Shepherds Budgets: Many images of the medieval shepherd and his tools.

A Dispute over Corvee In this primary source, a serf complains about unfair treatment

Women's Roles

Dominion and Domination: An excellent site by a femininst medieval scholar!

Medieval Noble Lady and the Peasant Woman: A solid article on their lives.

Medieval Women: An easy-to-follow overview.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Women's History: Aside from the title, this online book has excellent information.

General Conditions During the Dark Ages: An older googlebook (1916), this does have some decent information

Women in the Days of Feudalism: This is from 1896 - don't expect feminist theory, but it has some good stuff.

Medieval Women: An easy-to-follow overview.

Village Roles: Millers and Carpenters

Blood and Sawdust: Contains a good pdf on Medieval carpenter tools

Motive Power: Mills and their impacts.

Classical Milling Illustrations: Excellent details on how the water mill worked. Another great site for seeing how mills worked

The Otterton Mill: A great site maintained by a working mill

Role of Religion

Great Chain of Being: While this focuses on the Renaissance, it gives some very goo information.

Origins of Feudalism: This word doc does a nice job connecting religion and feudalism.

The Otterton Mill: A great site maintained by a working mill