How can a voice be heard?

Analytical Essay Format

This is the backbone of the writing we will do this year, and will help you for years to come!

Parents, go through this with your child, and work with them on it... the shell notes can be downloaded from the handouts page.

Grammar & Proofreading

Daily Grammar: This site gives suggestions, exercises, and will help proofread your paper

Grammar Bytes!: Ignore the gorilla. Very cool site.

Grammar Gorillas: What's up with grammar and gorillas? Weird. Still, a decent exercise.

Grammar King: Go here and assess your skills, then sharpen up

Shared Vision:: This has a sentence that's fully labeled, with explanations

Guide to Grammar and Writing: Well organized, thorough site - give it a look!

Big Dog's Grammar: Another good site that tries to take the groan out of grammar

General Writing Help

Guide to Writing and Grammar: Simply Awesome! Well organized, loads of info

Writing Tips How-To: Help with writing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry Links for advice on writing, contests, and more...

Writing from tips on getting started to getting published, a MASSIVE site.

When Teens Write: tips from other teens, contests, writers' chat areas, and more

All Experts: Ask an expert for help with your writing...

Writers' Resource Center: Help with all types of writing

Research Paper Tips

Easybib - Go here to see how to set up your bibliography for ANY source - MLA 2009 format

Bibme: A site that builds entire bibliographies - just make sure you give it the right info...

The Owl at Purdue -  The updated bibliography format!

Writing Center:; A great resource for writing papers

A+ Research and Writing: Excellent tips for creating great research papers

The Writers' Workshop: From grammar to the MLA format, lots of good info here.

How to write a research paper: includes info on taking notes on a Mac (from the web, etc.)

Fiction Writing

TeenWriting at Loaded with links on various aspects of writing... and some contests

Scriptito's Place: Creative writing tips, ideas, and contests

The Short Story Group - Submit your writing, and get editing tips from other writers!

Poetry Writing

Interactive Poetry form Finder: This site gives great interactive forms for creating many poem types - acrostics, "I am" poems, diamontes...

Acrostic Poems - this interactive graphic organizer will help you design your poem.

Shape Poems: A basic interactive introduction to these.

Diamonte Poems - an interactive graphic organizer for creating these.

The I Am poem: A good basic outline of how to structure this poem.

I Am poem handout: This walks you through it, line by line

How to write a found poem

Examples of found poetry

Writing with Writers: offers you the assistance of a poet... well done

Teen Ink: An online poetry magazine by and for teens.; Submit your work here!