How can a voice be heard?


Enotes Summary and Study Guide: A good place to go for the basics of plot.

DADOES and Blade Runner: This paper does a nice job on some of the humanity issues. Dadoes: A good overview, with some insights.

Bookrags: A good discussion of some of the novel's issues.

Do Androids Dream of Being Human? An interesting analysis of DADOES and Frankenstein.

A DADOES Study Guide: This has some interesting chapter questions that may help guide your thinking

DADOES: A Webquest: Interesting site, where you explore what it means to be human.

The Open Critic A nice review and analysis of the text.

Chapter Summary: Brief, but it may help you find something if you forgot to annotate!.

The Giver

Bookrags Summary and Study Guide: A good place to go for the basics of plot.

Sparknotes: A synopsis and some analysis of the text

The Giver: Theme Analysis A quick reference to several major themes

Allreader's Book Review Some critical insights, a summary, and discussion board A very good site, with plot and theme analysis, and discussion forums

Critical Thinker: Some questions to think about

Read * Write * Think: A Lesson Plan, with handouts


Wikipedia has a good article on the history and plot...

Sparknotes:  Having trouble tracking details, this can give you some good insights. - the complete novel, in digital form

1984 Study Guide & analysis

Symbolism and Allegory:  A nice set of insights into some of the literary aspects of the text.

Background and overview - a good place to start.

Stranger than Fiction

SETI at Home: For Real: Your home computer can help SETI process info from space! The Paranormal - A series of articles about the unusual

Best Ghost Pictures: Some very interesting photos here...

Unexplained Mysteries: The title says it all

Museum of Unnatural History: Interesting site - have fun!


Sparknotes: An overview and some analysis to guide you

Complete, annotated text: Very useful when hunting for a quote!

Anthem Essay Contest This is where you submit the 2nd required essay

Defense of Collectivism: An essay that attacks some of Ayn Rand's central ideas in the book

Anthem: An appreciation This essay does a good job analyzing Ayn Rand's beliefs behind the book..

Novelguide: Another good overview of the text.

Anthem Discussion Board By Pink Monkey, this is a discussion board for the book Anthem.

Fahrenheit 451

Ebook:F451 the entire book online - an audiobook, that reads it outloud!

Classzone: A brief summary, with some connections

Bookrags In depth summary and analysis of the text

Sparknotes:F451 Sparknotes' take on the text...

NEA's the Big Read: This site looks at the importance of the text, as well as analyzing it.

Soft Totalitarianism Interesting essay - connecting F451 to political correctness

Enotes: F451 Don't overlook the discussion board part of this site.

General Sci Fi Sites

SF World A comprehensive SF site - articles, reviews, artwork, stories, and more

A Brief History of SF nice site, tracing the genre through pulp magazines

Science Fiction - Origins: A nice site, with definitions and subgenres... Shakespeare?

Galaxy Cities A webhosting site for sci fi fans

SF Site  A great site if your looking for an sf or fantasy title to read

SF and Fantasy Writers of America A great resource for reading, writing, and publishing the stuff

SF Lovers This crew has been on the net since 1979!

Writing Sci Fi

SF Writers' Workshop: Need feedback on your own writing? Come here

Suite 101: A number of articles about sci fi writing

Pitfalls of writing SF One woman's step into various writing traps

How to Write One SF Writer's tips and suggestions

SF Novelist: Another good site for honing your craft