How can a voice be heard?


Basics of Islam

Islam for Children: Very informative, covering all the basics

Mutmaina: Designed for Muslim children, very informative.

Six Main Religions: This site gives the basics of each major religion, in a Q/A format.

Islam 4 Kids:Another very informative site - aimed at Muslim kids

The Holy Qur'an: The entire text, translated

Taliban and Mujahideen

Afghani Mujahideen: This gives the basics of who they are

Britannica: Solid Encyclopedia entry on this resistance group.

Who are the Taliban? Solid article by Infoplease. impacts of Taliban rule on women

Islam for Today: An article explaining why the Taliban's view of Islam is not accurate

Refugee Camps

Inside Afghanistan's Refugee Camps: An article from

Images from Patra's Port: Pictures from an Afghan camp in Greece

Refugees International: Up to date info on the current situation

Cool Explores what life is like for Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Life in a Refugee Camp: Videos and activities to reflect on life in a camp

 "This Is Me"

Story Analysis and Insights

Author interview:: Some good background information on this reporter-turned-author

Middle East Ideas: Some brief background on the story

Chasing Ray Some critical analysis of the text

LNCWebber: One critic's analysis of themes, symbols - plus a chapter by chapter summary!

Drawing on Life: An article and interview, explaining the author's background

Afghan Blogs

The Afghanistan Analyst: This site is a link to all the Afghan blogs on the web...

Deployed Teacher: An online journal by an American teacher who was deployed in Afghanistan

Afghan Lord: A current blog from within Afghanistan

The Heart of Asia Text, images, videos from Afghanistan

Afghan Citizen: A live blog from a citizen of Kabul, explaining life there.

The Unheard Voice: A blog entry from one refugee camp

Rejuvenation of an Afghan Soul: Written by an Afghani woman who has moved back to her homeland

Understanding Afghanistan

Afghanistan for Kids:A great introductory site - with info on food, language...very thoughtful

Kids in Afghanistan: Some very good info on daily life

The Embassy Information for kids, on the Afghani Embassy Page

Kids Konnect: Their Afghanistan page has some good basics, and better links

Afghanistan's Way of Life: A solid site exploring many aspects of life there