How can a voice be heard?

Key Literary Concepts

General Sites & Bios

Shakespeare and the Internet Bio, timeline, his theatre, and more!

Folger Shakespeare Library: Info on the library and its exhibits, etc.

Internet Shakespeare Editions: From the University of Victoria, a very good site

Shakespeare Insult Kit: This is a bit twisted, but fun

Shakespeare Resource Center: Lots of good links into many facets of Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Mystery: From Frontline, this explores the authorship debate.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust: No authorship debate here! They're built on Shakespeare.

Insults! Go here to get a new and exciting Shakespearean insult each time you visit, you impertinent jolt-head!

Why does this stuff sound so strange?

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Annotated Hypertext: Full text, with some helpful notes.

Entire Text and Commentary: Has analysis / insights linked to the text. Very nice.

Entire MND Text: This can save you some time when working on assignments - need to quote a passage? Find it, copy it, and paste it into word. Why retype it?

Enjoying MND: A good essay, with insights into the drama, its characters, and controversies about the play

Surfing with the Bard: A well-done "How to" for reading MND

GradeSaver: Covers the basics, and can help you follow the play.

SparkNotes: Another summary / basic analysis site...

Cliff's Notes: Synopsis with some insights A more advanced analytical essay on the play